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Pale yellow lady retro dress and apron

Pale yellow lady retro dress and apron

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Notes on delivery

A dress that resembles a tulip blooming in a budding meadow.
Pairing it with the lace embroidered apron from the set gives it an even more country-chic feel.
Why not go on a picnic with your skirt spread out like a tulip petal?

<Delivery Schedule>

  • It will take approximately one to one and a half months from the time of order to delivery.


  • one piece
  • apron
  • Ribbon Brooch


    • one piece
      • Length: 113cm
      • Shoulder width: 33cm
      • Bust: 86cm
      • Waist: 66.5cm
      • Sleeve length: 27.5cm
      • Length: 115cm
      • Shoulder width: 34cm
      • Bust: 90cm
      • Waist: 70.5cm
      • Sleeve length: 27.8cm
      • Length: 117cm
      • Shoulder width: 35cm
      • Bust: 94cm
      • Waist: 74.5cm
      • Sleeve length: 28.1cm
      • Length: 119cm
      • Shoulder width: 36cm
      • Bust: 98cm
      • Waist: 78.5cm
      • Sleeve length: 28.4cm
      • Small size
      • Medium size
      • Large size
      • XL size
    • apron
      • Length: 91cm
      • Waist: 66cm
      • Length: 93cm
      • Waist: 74cm
      • Small size
      • Large size


        • polyester
        • Rayon

        <Model wearing>

        • Wearing size
          • Small size
        • Model Dimensions
          • Height: 160cm


        • The photo shows the item being worn with panniers, but panniers are not included with this item.
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