Please read before purchasing

*Due to a long holiday at our partner's factory, the shipping of products ordered between [January 23rd (Tuesday) - February 7th (Wednesday)] will be delayed by approximately two weeks.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding as we will make arrangements to have the item delivered to the customer as soon as possible.

About customs duties

There are no customs duties on products purchased on this site.

Regarding the arrival and departure period of products purchased on this site

We have warehouses overseas, so we will ship your order from our overseas warehouse as soon as we receive your order.

Also, please note that even if you enter your desired delivery date and time in the notes section, we will not be able to accommodate your request.

Period from order to delivery

It takes about 5 to 12 business days (closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays) from the time you place your order (after payment is confirmed) until it is shipped.

*Please note that this period applies when orders are received on business days.
*Please note that we do not ship on Saturdays and Sundays.
*Also, orders placed after 5pm on Friday will be shipped on Monday or later, so please place your order early.
*Shipping fee will be a flat rate of 700 yen even if ordered together. *Delivery time may be delayed for popular items.

Precautions when placing an order

When placing an order, please be sure to enter your full name on the purchase procedure screen.

If you place an order under a nickname, etc., there is a possibility that we will not be able to deliver the product if it is inspected by customs.

Please note that in this case , we cannot refund the product price .

I did not receive an order completion email

We have confirmed an issue where you are not receiving an order confirmation email from our store .

It seems to occur mainly in carrier emails from,, This seems to be a problem caused by improved email filter functionality, and is occurring nationwide.

We have also received reports that the email ended up in your spam folder, so please check your spam and promotion folders.

We also recommend registering with Gmail, as there is less chance of non-delivery.

Please note that there is no problem with the ordering system, so the order itself has arrived properly. This is an event where you are not receiving the email automatically sent from our store.

Regarding cancellation of ordered products

Once your order is confirmed, we will begin the backorder process and cannot accept cancellations. note that.

Please also note that we are unable to accept changes to order details such as size or color after the order has been confirmed.

Regarding out of stock and shipping defects after placing an order

At our store, inventory is highly fluid, and there may be cases where an item is out of stock or defective in shipping after an order is placed.
In the unlikely event that the product is out of stock or defective in shipping, we will contact you by email.
In particular, for back-ordered products, we may not be able to secure stock depending on the situation at the place of order. Please note.

Regarding long-term absence/incorrect address

If the storage period for your package has expired, we will notify you of its absence. Please request redelivery yourself from the notification of absence.

If more than 10 days have passed since the initial delivery date, the product will be automatically returned to the overseas warehouse and processed for cancellation. Thank you for your understanding.

Please also note that we cannot refund the price of the canceled product .

If the package is returned due to an unknown address, it will be treated as a long-term absence, so please be sure to check that the address is correct.

* If there is an error in the shipping address, the item will be returned to you as the address is unknown.

・There are many instances where the address is omitted, so please check this at the time of purchase.

* We cannot accept re-shipping.

If cancellations continue due to customer circumstances (long-term absence, incorrect address), we will take measures to restrict payment methods. Please make sure to receive your ordered items within the specified period.

Please read the following notes before purchasing.

1) The color of the product may differ from the image depending on indoor settings and light sources.

Also, depending on the usage environment of your smartphone, PC, or other monitor, the color of the actual product may look slightly different from the actual product, so please be aware of this before purchasing.

2) For products that have been ordered, we cannot accept changes to the color, size, payment method, etc., so please double check before placing your order.

About personal information

Your personal information will not be used for any purpose other than shipping, so please use it with confidence.

We will respond to email inquiries within 3 business days, excluding weekends and holidays.