About refund

If a defect is found during the product inspection, or if the order is canceled due to our convenience such as out of stock after ordering.

Or, if the product we delivered is defective and the return procedure is performed, we will refund you according to the following flow.

①Customers who purchased by credit card or Shoppay

We will process the refund for the card number you purchased.

Once the payment is confirmed, the credit company will be billed and debited once, but after that, the cancellation amount will be refunded to the customer's card according to the corresponding schedule of each credit company.

② Customers who purchased at Paidy

《Before payment to Paidy》

The refund amount will be deducted from the Paidy invoice amount.

《After payment to Paidy》

The Paidy billing amount and the refund amount will be offset from the next month onwards.

[If the billed amount for the next month exceeds the refunded amount]
You will be charged the difference between the next month's invoice amount and the refund amount.

[If the invoice amount for the following month is less than the refund amount]
After offsetting the billed amount and the refunded amount for the following month, the surplus refunded amount will be carried over to the month after next.

At Paidy, if you request an immediate refund, we will ask for your bank account information and provide a direct refund.
Please contact Paidy Customer Support if you wish to do so.

Paidy Customer Support → https://support.paidy.com/hc/ja

③ Customers who purchased with amazonpay

Refunds will be processed through the Amazon Pay service provided by Amazon Services International, Inc.

Even if the product is returned, the refund may be issued in the following month after the product price is once billed due to the procedure.

Please check the Amazon Pay site for details of Amazon Pay transactions and general Amaon Pay services.

Amazon Pay

④ Customers who purchased with smartphone payment (KOMOJU)

・Refunds will be made from Merpay. For details, please check the management screen of Merpay.

Refunds will be made from LINE Pay. For details, please check the LINE Pay management screen.

Refund will be made from PayPay. For details, please check the LINE Pay management screen.

⑤ Customers who purchased by carrier payment

The refund date differs depending on the mobile phone company you have a contract with.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact each mobile phone company directly.